Things to Read, See & Do

Throughout the PhD, I will be adding to this section to recommend books, videos, webinars, conferences, papers and more in order to aid you in finding out more about the subject of game-based research.

At times, the recommendations for further reading and resources might not seem relevant to the PhD – for instance, I may recommend a book on the effects of music on engagement and behaviour. As music and sound effects are often found as game elements in digital games, this then becomes and important ‘cog in the machine’ if you like, to research, understand and help inspire other ideas of how music can be used in other kinds of research. Books on narratology, avatars, cognitive psychology, behavioural economics, user interface design etc will all be recommended as they are relate to understanding and building game-based research methods.

Much of the recommended material is used in my own references and bibliographies for my PhD work, so you can trust that all the recommended material has already been read by me, and thus has been recommended as useful in being inspired by and learning more about game-based research.

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