Over 30 industry expert interviews needed. Be part of it.

For the first phase of this PhD, over 30 interviews will be needed from a range of industry experts who are academics, practitioners or ‘pracademics’.

These interviews will be conducted in order to understand patterns in user engagement, behaviour and emotion with web interfaces and digital screens through the use of Film, Narrative, Visual Effects, Audio (music and sound effects), Personalisation, Games, Gamification, Linguistics, Semiotics and much more.

This shout-out is for anyone who would be happy to share their expertise in how engagement and emotion is created through any web-interface or screen, whether you’re the one creating the engagement and emotion or have studied the way engagement and emotion is created through the various elements in the comprehensive list below.

If you’re such a person, then you’re probably reading this page because I’ve contacted you directly or I’ve carried out a shout-out on social media and it’s brought you to here! So thank you already for taking the time to learn more!

Please see the areas of expertise needed below if you wish to be part of the 45min-1 hour interviews:



The Value for You

As an industry expert, you will undoubtedly be a busy person, and this is understood and shown in the way the interviews will be prepared and researched beforehand in order to save time and create an atmosphere of relaxation where you can do the talking.
As such, there is confidence that you will also find use for your own interview that you can share as content with your own audiences once the interviews have been processed. As well as sharing your own interviews, you will also:


  • Be part of the first PhD researching the new online methodology of ResearchGames, and the first PhD in game-based online research methods
  • Be credited and referenced wherever your interviews are used and cited in publications
  • Be given a copy of your interview
  • Have the option to opt-in to previews of results and presentations from this PhD before they are published on this companion website
  • Enjoy helping? You can have a longer-term involvement by helping further in other aspects of this PhD, from ResearchGame design and development brainstorming sessions to reviewing the game-based online research that’s been created.

The List of Experts Needed. Are you one of them?

  • Digital Game designers
  • Digital Game developers
  • Ludologists
  • Digital Audio mixers and composers (music and sound effects for digital games, websites etc)
  • UX designers for digital interfaces
  • UCD experts for digital interfaces
  • Digital Experience Designers
  • Specialists in Emotion Detection and Sentiment Analysis (relating to digital interfaces)
  • Neuroscientists specialising in the effects of emotion and engagement with digital interfaces
  • Neurotechnologists
  • Semioticians (academics or designers or both) specialising in digital interfaces
  • Linguists (again, academics, designers or both) specialising in digital interfaces
  • Gamification designers
  • Gamification developers
  • Serious Games designers and developers
  • Website designers and developers


If you know you can offer your expertise in one of the above areas and are interested being part of this pivotal phase of the PhD (and part of a 30 strong series of industry-expert interviews!) then please contact me on the very long email at: b[dot]adamou[dot]13@unimail[dot]winchester[dot]ac[dot]uk, letting me know what area is your area of expertise, and I will do the rest for you!

Together we will work out the best place and date to meet if you’re
somewhere I can get to (I am based in London), or we can conduct the interview via web cam.
We will first carry out a 1 minute test to ensure our technologies work together and from there, record the interview (a consent form will be given to you, and all information regarding ethics and privacy will be passed on to you in more detail over email including how your interview will be used).

Thank you!
I look forward to speaking with you!