Publications: Writing & Presentations

Below is a library of presentations and writing that Betty Adamou has delivered since April 1st 2015. The presentations and writing are meant for educational use. All presentations and writing below have been born from Betty's PhD study. While some of these presentations and writing (perhaps also delivered as presentations in conference talks) may have been given under Betty Adamou's capacity as founder of Research Through Gaming Ltd, these texts here are categorized as academic, as they've been created through Betty's study as part of her PhD. Some presentations may include references to Betty's work as a ResearchGame designer as part of Research Through Gaming Ltd, only to be used as illustrative case-studies.

What’s the presentation title? “Grounded Theory in 20 Minutes: An Introduction.”

Where was this presentation delivered? I have never formally delivered this presentation.

Why was this created? My Director of Studies was interested to see how I am understanding Grounded Theory, from papers and books I have read on the area. So I produced this presentation to translate and communicate my knowledge. This presentation is not a formal part of my PhD and is not endorsed by my University. 

When was this presented? This has never been formally presented, but I made this in July 2015.

Check out this presentation on SlideShare here!

See the presentation PDF here.

This presentation has NOT been endorsed or supported in any way by the University of Winchester, any of its staff or affiliates.

What’s the presentation title? “ResearchGames: Overview and Results”

Where was this presentation delivered? Presented at Games, Gamification and Understanding Research Symposium. University of Winchester, UK

Why was this created? To present technological, methodological and design driven new development in ResearchGames (with results) to University professors from the University of Winchester and the University of Bristol.

When was this presented? May 2015.

See the presentation PDF here.