Tomorrow at 12:30pm I will be starting a presentation to a small audience regarding my PhD proposal.

I have already submitted my PhD proposal as a text-based Word document, but now it is time to articulate my proposal with the power of words and what I can do visually with PowerPoint.

I have completed my PowerPoint slides (which I think look pretty great, so that’s ok!) but I am really nervous about my presentation. It is 10 minutes in length and apparently, the entire process of presenting and having a discussion with the audience is a max. of 30 minutes. A decision will be made on the day as to whether I may proceed with the PhD design, as I have planned it, or whether  I must make some edits to the research design. So not pressure or anything.

As it has been noted on the homepage of this website, I am going to be using a Grounded Theory approach, and so in my presentation I must make it really clear as to why I am using this particular methodology. My answer to that is three-fold: a) Grounded Theory allows for new exploratory research, which means I can create the necessary interviews I need with industry experts from at least 7 different disciplines b) I can use secondary data, which again, is crucial because building a Gamified Survey and a ResearchGame will require some background research based on data produced by other researchers c) Grounded Theory is mainly qualitative in its approach, which is imperative as I will be conducting interviews from the start to the finish of this PhD not just with industry experts, but with participants as well. In this sense, the online part of the PhD is pragamatic, considering this study is focused on game-based ONLINE research methods, so of course, part of the PhD has to be online to gather the initial statistical findings that will then inform my depth-interviews when I call-back participants. A Grounded Theory approach is also essentially what allows me to have this kind of companion website, as any exploratory work I want to do can also be conducted through this site if I wished, for instance, inviting people to write articles about game-based research on this site and then I can quote them, if relevant, in my work. Or it might be that I write a rather controversial blog which get’s people debating, and that, in turn, can be used in my work if appropriate.

Once my presentation has completed tomorrow, I will be sure to upload my slides somewhere relevant on the site.  The front slide is of course here as a teaser 🙂 The background image I’ve used in the slide, in case anyone is interested, is a screenshot of a scene in Spirits of Spring (game) by Minority Media, courtesy of Minority Media (I got their permission, woop!) Wish me luck for tomorrow!