Supervisory Team

A PhD is an extremely independent mode of study, however, the guidance a student can have throughout the journey of their PhD can be instrumental in their work.
I’m very pleased I have found such instrumental individuals in my Super-supervisory team at the University of Winchester.

Meet the dream team here and feel free to learn more about David, Anca and Martina by clicking on their profile links. (In alphabetical order)


Anca YallopDr. Anca Yallop

Dr Anca Yallop, BCom (Mkt), PhD, NCAET is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing specialising in marketing research and business research methods. She holds a PhD in Marketing (Romania) and has completed her second PhD in Marketing Research Ethics (New Zealand). She has thirteen years’ experience in higher education and several years’ experience working in marketing and research roles in organisations across a diverse range of sectors internationally.

Anca currently teaches Marketing Research & Analysis, Research Methods, Marketing & Consumers, and Global Marketing, and is the dissertation co-ordinator for postgraduate business programmes.
Anca is a member of several organizations, including but not limited to the British Academy of Management (BAM), the Market Research Society of New Zealand (MRSNZ) and Australasian Business Ethics Network (ABEN).

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DDr David Birksr. David Birks (Lead Supervisor on this PhD)

Dr David F. Birks BA, MSc, MSc, PhD is Director of Winchester Business School and Dean of Faculty for Business Law and Sport at the University of Winchester, as well as the Director of Enterprise at the Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton.
Professor Birks is a specialist in marketing research and fashion with more than 25 years’ teaching and management experience. David is also co-author of Marketing Research: An Applied Approach and Essentials of Marketing Research. As well as many other roles and responsibilities, David is also a Committee Member of the Association for Survey Computing (ASC) in the UK.

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Dr Martina Hutton_UniversityofWinchester

Dr. Martina Hutton

Dr. Martina Hutton, B.Sc (Mgmt), M.A, Ph.D, is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing and is the Programme Leader for the MSc in Marketing. She currently teaches Consumer Culture & Communication, Understanding Markets, Global Marketing and Marketing Management, and has eleven years teaching experience in higher education. She has previously held marketing management positions in the Healthcare, Soft Drinks and Telecommunications industries and from 2008-2010, was a Research Scholar for the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences.

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