Welcome to ResearchGames.org.uk: A companion website to a PhD about Online Game-Based Research Methods.

Welcome to the companion website to a PhD which is about online ResearchGames, Gamified Surveys and Participant Engagement.  What is a ResearchGame I hear you ask? It’s a new online methodology created in 2010 by Betty Adamou. It is a piece of online research that uses game design, game mechanics and game semantics to create immersive research experiences that help gain better quality data.

Game-Based Research

is growing, being used more and more by researchers in the market and academic research industries. This is why this PhD has value to Industry and as such, has this companion website which is completely non-profit and purely for educational use and sharing my ongoing work throughout my PhD journey.

Building an academic theoretical framework that allows academics and practitioners to understand online Game-Based Research

Putting online game-based research methods into the academic spotlight for the first time.

Meet Betty - the PhD Student

Betty Adamou is  the CEO and Founder of Research Through Gaming Ltd, a Guest Lecturer at Universities globally, a consultant on game-based research methods and finally (but most importantly right now), a student at the University of Winchester carrying out a PhD. Find out more here.

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This PhD is exploratory; it uses a Grounded Theory approach which allows the use of secondary data and new exploratory fieldwork, so if you have something you feel would be valuable to contribute – perhaps a paper, a comment, an article, or recommend a book, please get in touch.

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Increasingly researchers are using game mechanics and elements in online surveys to increase engagement, so if you’re interested in learning more about game-based research, please access the ‘Things to Read, See & Do’ section for recommended papers, videos and conferences.

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See for yourself! Play a ResearchGame

ResearchGames and Gamified Surveys differ in many ways; the modes of design, execution, impact on engagement and results. Many people are familiar with Gamified Surveys but perhaps less so with ResearchGames. Play two ResearchGames here.

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Got a case-study, paper or opinion you'd like to share? Get in touch! Your contribution might even be cited in my PhD work or you might be called upon to be interviewed! Click the images below to find out more about game mechanics and game elements, like Avatars, Narrative and Goals.
Betty Adamou

Betty Adamou

PhD student

Betty Adamou is the CEO & Founder of Research Through Gaming Ltd. She is the inventor of ResearchGames™ and a ResearchGame Designer.

Betty specialises in making Games and Immersive Experiences for online research, for all types of studies. Betty is a frequent writer, conference speaker (including Keynotes), occasional University Lecturer and of course, a PhD student.

More can be found out about Betty on her: